Digital Dental Impressions

Digital impressions are 3-d scanning technology a digital impression captures the dentation by using a wand-like device. The scanner is used to create a 3-D digital replication of the teeth, jaw and gums they are then displayed directly on the computer screen. Your dentist can use the images to assess any issues and needed treatment.

Digital impression are used to create the following:

·      Crowns /fixed bridges

·      Implants

·      Removable prosthesis

·      Teeth alignment planning (braces, clear aligners)

·      Splints, mouth guards and dental sleep devices.


·      Digital impressions increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

·      They can be emailed to the laboratory this can result in quicker turnaround time than sending traditional impression by mail.

·      Improved Image / impression quality for better fitting crown, bridges, partials and dentures

·      No longer need to take impression using material that are put in the mouth.

·      Reduced possibility of impression errors and material inaccuracies.

·      The scan well take opposing teeth and bite. This is completed in less than 5 minutes.

Digital impression Versus Traditional

Traditional impression involve dental materials being placed in the patient mouth. The impression can take up to 5 to 6 minutes for the material to set. This can often cause anxiety, discomfort and gaging for some patients. Traditional impression can have defects such as voids, air bubbles or improper setting of the distortions. Sometimes patients may be called back to take additional impressions.

Digital impression help eliminate the need for return visits as the digital impression can be enlarged and modified to enhance detail and insure mistakes are identified and corrected prior to transmission to the laboratory.