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Exceptional Emergency Dentistry in Minocqua

illustration of tooth and first aid kidDental emergencies can happen even if you are thorough about your oral hygiene. At Lonsdorf Dental, we recognize that you deserve timely and effective care whenever a dental emergency occurs. Dr. Lonsdorf and his entire dental team can handle your situation and provide you with comprehensive treatments during dental emergencies. Our practice operates in a compassionate environment and goes the extra mile to ensure you get the help you need.

We provide emergency dental care to Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, Woodruff, and surrounding areas. If you face an emergency dental issue, we have the training to deal with your situation and are ready to ease your pain. For after-hours dental emergencies, you can leave a voicemail, and our dentist will get back to you. We have an afterhours phone line and can schedule your appointment first thing the next business day. Call us today!


Common Dental Emergencies

Our team strives to meet all dental situations with appropriate and timely treatment. The first step in receiving the right level of care is determining what dental issues are considered emergencies. Some dental problems require immediate care, while others may wait longer. Our emergency dentist in Minocqua can also provide nitrous sedation to make you relaxed and comfortable through the procedure.

Here are a few common dental emergencies we treat at our office:

  • Tooth Pain & Sensitivity: Tooth pain is often an indication of decay or infection. You should schedule a visit to our office so we can help you identify the cause of your pain and provide relief. After dealing with your emergency, we will develop a comprehensive plan to prevent future issues.
  • Abscess: Abscesses in your gums are usually a sign of infection. These problems will not heal on their own and can result in additional risk. Be sure to schedule emergency treatment whenever you see signs of an abscess. Our dentist will safely drain the abscess and work with you to identify the cause and recommend the appropriate solution.
  • Damaged or Lost Fillings: Old fillings can start showing wear and tear after several years of use. They can loosen up and even fall out, exposing your enamel and making it vulnerable to damage. It is vital to schedule an emergency appointment to repair your damaged or lost filling.
  • Damaged or Missing Dental Crowns: You may lose your dental crown in an accident while eating or as a result of underlying decay. If that happens, you need to contact us immediately to book an emergency visit. Until you get to our office, avoid eating hard foods to prevent further damage.
  • An Avulsed or Knocked-Out Tooth: If you have a knocked-out tooth due to an accident, your immediate action will increase the chances of saving it. Handle the affected tooth carefully by only touching the crown and not the roots. Preserve the tooth in saliva or milk until you see us. If you are bleeding, bite down on a clean towel, cotton pad, or gauze until it stops.

Root Canal Therapy – A Common Emergency Treatment

happy male patient in dental officeIf you are experiencing a sudden toothache, you may have an infection inside the tooth roots. We offer root canal treatments to help save your tooth and preserve your oral health. Our dentist removes the damaged tissue or pulp along with any harmful bacteria or decay. Dr. Lonsdorf has performed countless root canal therapies successfully and can help you catch the infection early and avoid complications.

Symptoms to look out for and act upon include:

  • Rapid discoloration of your tooth
  • Tooth pain when eating
  • An abscess on your gums
  • Sudden swelling or tenderness in your gums

Before your root canal therapy, our emergency dentist uses x-rays to determine the seriousness of the infection. Based on the outcome, we make sure you understand the treatment process and are comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Lonsdorf uses an anesthetic to numb the surrounding area before starting and has a gentle chairside manner to put you at ease.

After cleaning the root canals and pulp chamber, our dentist fills them with antibacterial material and seals the tooth. It helps to prevent recurring infections and maintain your dental health. During the next few days, we may recommend over-the-counter medication to alleviate any discomfort.

We Perform Necessary Extraction

Our Minocqua emergency dentist is experienced in removing damaged teeth that are beyond repair. Some common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Periodontal disease or tooth decay to the extent that they cannot be repaired with a dental filling, root canal therapy, or dental crown
  • Injury or trauma that leads to a broken or damaged tooth
  • A dental or gum abscess that weakens the root of the tooth

We usually perform extractions as a last resort if no other option can solve your dental issues. In some cases, extractions can protect the rest of your teeth by preventing the infection from spreading.

Prompt Emergency Dentistry in Minocqua

No matter what kind of dental emergency you are facing, Lonsdorf Dental has a compassionate and talented team ready to help. Our practice is conveniently located and easy to access from Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, and Woodruff. Your comfort is our priority, and we offer care credit for affordability. Contact us today for emergency dental services in Minocqua.